Eye problems range from minor eye disorders that may not have any effect on the eyes to serious eye diseases that may tamper with vision permanently. Because the symptoms of some eye diseases may not show up in time, it is advisable for any individual to visit an eye clinic for regular eye check-up. Regular visitation to an eye clinic ensures that the individual receives early diagnosis and treatment of any unnoticed eye problem in question. This helps to prevent possible complications such as permanent vision loss.

Eye problems that commonly attack people include dry eyes, presbyopia, tearing, glaucoma, floaters and cataracts. Others include corneal diseases, retinal disorders and conjunctivitis. This article discusses a few of these problems as follows:

Dry Eyes
This is an eye problem that results from the inability of the tear glands to produces enough tears or good quality tears. This condition may cause the eyes to burn or itch. In an extreme case, which is often rare, this problem can cause an individual to lose his vision. To remedy this condition, a doctor may recommend the use of special eye drops to act as tears or the use a humidifier to moisten the air that enters the eyes. Insertion of plugs into the tear ducts to reduce the amount of tears lost from the eye may also be an option.

ophthalmology-Presbyopia Presbyopia 
This is the loss of a clear sight of objects that are near. It occurs gradually as an individual ages. Patients with this condition may not experience any symptoms as long as they are below 40 years. Common remedies for this problem include laser eye surgery and use of reading glasses.

This is a condition in which the tear glands produce more tears than normal. This may result from the sensitivity of the eyes to irritants such as light, temperatures changes and wind. The condition may also be a symptom of a serious underlying condition such as blockage of the tear duct. Correcting this condition often involves protecting the eyes from the irritants with sunglasses. Treating the underlying condition is necessary in case it is responsible for the tearing.

glaucoma-diagram Glaucoma 
Glaucoma is the accumulation of excessive pressure inside the eye and may result in the destruction of the optic nerves, a condition known as primary open angle glaucoma. Typically, the symptoms of primary open angle glaucoma don’t show up during the initial stages of the condition. As a result, regular eye check-up is highly recommended.

Floaters refer to small spots that appear in the vision field, hindering clear vision. They are mostly noticed when a person is in a bright light. Although it is normal to have floaters, they may signify a serious underlying eye condition that needs immediate medical attention. One such condition is retinal detachment.

download Cataracts 
This is a condition in which light cannot pass through the eye lens to access the retina as a result of the presence of cloudy spots in the lens. This results in unclear vision. Typically, cataracts develop gradually. They may either grow to become big or remain small. When they remain small, a person may maintain his normal sight. Unlike small cataracts, large ones affect vision. As a result, a doctor may recommend surgery to remove them in order to regain normal vision.