Whether or not we like to admit it, we live in a highly superficial world, and people do make judgements about us based on our looks. Unfortunately, 35 percent of people have suspected they may be experiencing some level of hair loss. However, most don’t think there is a solution to this all-too-common problem. Whether you’ve noticed your drain has been clogged with more hair than usual or your hairline has begun to recede, hope isn’t lost. There are tips you can use to make your hair thicker, fuller, and more attractive than ever.

Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Castor Oil for Hair Growth
When considering¬†how to have thicker hair, some people tend to think of the many expensive products on the market that may or may not provide the results they are looking for. However, there is a method that hundreds have reported success with that won’t break the bank. Castor oil contains antibacterial and anti fungal properties, and this makes it an ideal candidate to address a number of hair-related issues including follliculitus, dandruff and scalp infections. All of these issues are known to lead to hair loss.

Castor oil is also known to promote circulation to the scalp because it contains ricinoleic acid. This can further promote the growth of new hair. Ricinoleic acid can improve your condition in that it can help balance the pH levels of your scalp. When properly balanced, this allows for the replenishment of your natural oils and can even undo damage that may have been done by harsh chemical treatments we often put our hair through for aesthetic purposes. In order to implement the use of castor oil for hair regrowth, follow these instructions:

  • Spritz hair to dampen it or shower and towel dry your hair
  • Apply a generous amount of castor oil to the hair starting from the root to the tip
  • Using a shower cap, allow the oil to remain on the hair for around 10 to 12 hours
  • Rinse and repeat three times per week

Hair You Can Be Proud Of

Other Options
A growing number of people have found success with castor oil for hair regrowth. However, there are other methods that could very well produce the results you’ve been looking for. These include:

  • Vitamin E regimens both orally or applied directly to the scalp
  • Aloe vera mask
  • Coconut oil applications
  • Head massages using olive, ghee, flaxseed, evening primrose, or avocado oils
  • Ceasing the use of conditioner

Hair You Can Be Proud Of
Both men and women suffer with hair loss, and this problem can be embarrassing and significantly diminish your self esteem. Whether you have just recently suspected you may be losing more hair than normal or have long suffered with hair loss, now’s the time to address the problem. There are ways in which you can regain your hairline, and these helpful tips can help you get on the path to doing just that.