Almost all women remove the hair on their legs on a regular basis. Because of this, it makes sense to find a hair removal technique that works the best for you. A great hair removal technique will make your skin look amazing, and it will be affordable and easy to manage.

IPL Hair Removal

IPL stands for intense pulsed light. This form of hair removal is in the family of light therapy. Light therapy for the skin can be used to treat unwanted hair, unwanted lines and wrinkles, and unwanted acne.

IPLĀ hair removal in SingaporeĀ is great for women who don’t want to have to worry about shaving, waxing or epilating at all anymore. This is because this form of hair removal is actually permanent. You will need to get up to 12 treatments to remove every cycle of living hair, but once you do this, you can look forward to smooth, hair-free legs for a lifetime.

One thing to remember with this form of hair removal is that you should only get it done at a reputable location for hair removal in Singapore.


Shaving is the leg hair removal technique that most women seem to learn first. When puberty hits, your mother, grandma or older sister will teach you about shaving your legs. At first it’s fun, but it gets old pretty fast.

This is because shaving does not last very long. When you shave your legs, you are literally cutting off each hair at the base where it meets your skin. In other words, the roots are still there, and for many women, the roots will show. Even after you have just shaved your legs, women who tend to have dark hair on their legs will notice that it looks like there are little black or brown dots all over the skin.

This isn’t to say that shaving is a terrible idea for hair removal. Just keep in mind that it won’t last as long as the other techniques, and it won’t look as good either. Nicking your skin with the razor can cause serious bleeds, ugly cuts and long lasting scars. On the other hand, shaving is definitely very affordable.


Waxing can be done on your own, or you may decide that you want to get your legs waxed at the salon. Of course, going to a salon every few weeks for a waxing will cost a pretty penny, but doing it at home can be feasible for many women.

The problem is that waxing is quite painful, so if you are averse to pain, this is probably not the hair removal technique for you. On the other hand, waxing does produce a smooth finish on your skin and can last up to two or three weeks.

Based on your threshold for pain, how much money you are willing to spend, and how long you want your hair removal to last, you can now decide what hair removal technique is best for you and your legs.