Lasik is the most common type of eye surgery performed in Singapore as well as in many other locations.

Why is Lasik Surgery Needed?

The cornea is the outer portion of the eye, directly over the pupil letting in light. Then the image of what somebody sees goes into the eye to the lens, which focuses the image on the back of the eye, the retina. With myopia (shortsightedness) and hyperopia (farsightedness), the image falls imperfectly onto the retina. Therefore, the optic nerve transmits a fuzzy image back to the image processing center of the brain. And that’s why people with these vision disorders have distorted vision.

How Does Lasik Work?

The surgical procedure at the eye clinic uses a computer-guided laser beam to reshape the cornea. It alter the focus of the image entering the eye so that the image which falls upon the retina is perfect, resulting in much improved version.

One thing to understand is that reshaping the cornea to create tiny shifts in how images fall upon retinas is very precise work. It’s not surgery in the sense a team can cut someone open and remove an appendix. The accuracy involved requires that the equipment is guided by computers. Therefore, people interested in having the Lasik procedure done should inquire about the equipment used.

What Kinds of Lasik are There?

Microkeratome is the standard type of Lasik. It uses an oscillating blade to reshape the cornea.

IntraLase uses a laser beam to reshape the cornea. The laser beam of light is more precise and accurate than the blade, and most patients report better quality of vision from using the laser instead.

Wavefront is a Lasik variation where a wavefront sensor gets a more precise 3D model of the patient’s eye. The technology more accurately charts the topography of the patient’s cornea.

The Price of Lasik in Singapore

The cost of this eye surgery has been going down over the years. Prospective patients need to attend a consultation to make certain they are a good candidate for Lasik vision improvement. There is the actual procedure, and then there are follow-up visits to make certain the patient is getting along well.

Prices vary, but the standard Lasik surgery using the Microkeratome costs from S$3,100 to S$3,600. That’s for the surgery on both eyes. There are various costs for the evaluation, medication and follow-up visits.

Intralase, which uses a laser, costs on average 30 percent more than the Microkeratome.

Wavefront, which created a 3D map of the eye to guide the laser, costs on average 50 percent more the standard Lasik treatment.

Other Financial Consideration of Lasik Surgery in Singapore

Lasik is usually not supported by Medisave or government subsidies. However, if there’s a difference between the eyes of more than 3 diopters or if somebody’s doctor certifies their eyes cannot tolerate contact lenses or spectacles, Lasik may then qualify for such payments.

When an eye clinic does group consultations they often pass out coupons. Therefore, even if somebody approaches on their own, they should enquire about when the next group consultation will be held.