Cataract is a condition dreaded by older people. This eye problem dates back to 2000 years ago. Since then to the present day, cataracts have been the leading cause of blindness. Developing cataract is part of the aging process, so if you are nearing 40 and have not had any eye test lately, then there is a reason for concern. 

There are three types of cataract, and they are: 1) Nuclear Sclerotic; 2) Cortical; and 3) Posterior Subcapsular. The Nuclear Sclerotic is the most common where a cloud formation affects the central nucleus of your eye lens. Cortical cataracts affect the lens cortex. As light enters your eye, it scatters and creates a blurred vision and focus problems. Posterior Subcapsular cataracts point to the back surface of the lens. This type develops rapidly within a few months only and characterized by “halo” effects.

Eye doctors will tell you clouding of the lens are inevitable in older people, and if not detected early, can lead to serious vision problems, if not blindness. The problem can only be resolved through cataract surgery or the modern LASIK surgery.


There are some advice eye doctors would give you. But are they real or simply myths?  Here are some of them.

  1. Sun rays or ultraviolet radiation only affect the skin and that you need to have proper skincare. This is not the case. UV radiation is one of the prominent causes of cataract.
  2. Eye doctors would often endorse carrots as the best natural vitamins for the eyes. Dark leafy vegetable like spinach and kale are best for the eyes.
  3. Reading in dim lights will result to poor eyesight is good advice, although in general, it just gives you a headache.
  4. Do no wait for the symptom to appear is a fair warning by doctors, but other eye conditions crop up without any warning signs.
  5. While the success rate of cataract surgery is extremely high, there is still room for human error. Consult only qualified eye doctors.

Are there any other solutions besides surgery? Non-surgical treatment of cataracts is still in the works. No breakthrough has yet been reported. Meanwhile, you just need to take extra care of your windows to the world.