Hair naturally grows thickest on the top of our heads because it protects our sensitive scalp from harmful elements we might encounter. But that’s not all it’s good for.

For many, hair is also an essential aspect of any outfit, serving as the crowning glory that ties an ensemble together. Sadly, people who experience excessive hair fall don’t feel the same way about their hair. Often, hair loss can make it difficult to style hair and can make an individual look unhealthy or ill. If you’re struggling to fight hair fall problem, be sure to avoid these 5 harmful habits to stop excessive hair fall and encourage healthy growth.


  1. Heat Styling – Hot irons, curling irons, blow dryers, and other heat styling tools are great if you want to achieve a certain look for special occasions. But using them every day could be detrimental to your hair. The strands of your hair are covered by a sensitive cuticle which could be damaged during the heat styling process. When its integrity is compromised, your hair might struggle to maintain moisture. This will lead to weak, brittle hair strands that easily break off from the shaft or at the root. Keep heat styling to a minimum, and opt for safer alternatives like rollers or air drying instead.
  2. Improper Handling of Wet Hair – Ever notice how your nails tend to soften up after a shower? Because your hair is made from the same material as your nails, you should expect your hair strands to behave the same way after a bath. Saturated with water, the cuticles of your hair will expand and raise slightly, temporarily making them prone to damage. Aggressive combing or towel drying could cause them to break and fall out. Pat dry your hair instead and use a soft brush to work gently through tangles to avoid post-shower hair
  3. Tight Up-Dos – Up-dos are a great way to look neat and stylish, especially when you’re off to work. But tying your hair too tightly can put tension on the roots and weaken the follicles where your hair grows from. Loosen up a tight bun and choose your hair accessories wisely. There are certain brands that sell hair ties and clips that are designed to reduce tension on your hair strands.tight-up-dos-may-cause-hair-fall-problem
  4. Hold Styling Products – Hair spray, styling gel, pomade, and other styling products that are made to keep your hair in place often contain high concentrations of alcohol, a highly harmful compound that can sap hair of moisture and cause serious hair loss. Before buying any products, take your time and read the label. Avoid those with alcohol and opt for organic and natural alternatives to prevent further hair loss.
  5. Excessive Sun Exposure – Just like your skin, your hair also needs protection from the sun. UV rays can deplete the elasticity of hair, cause strands to weaken, and ultimately make hair fall out from the root. If you expect to be out in the sun, the practical solution to protect your hair would be to wear a hat. You can also invest in a sun protect shampoo or leave on conditioner to help out the cause.excessive-sun-exposure-can-cause-problem-of-hair-fall

Have you been harming your hair with these bad habits? Save your strands, keep your hair thick, healthy, and lustrous, and let go of your hair fall woes by ditching these 5 harmful practices today.