What Are The Telltale Signs About Going Bald?

No losing your hair isn’t akin to going bald. Contrary to popular belief, male pattern baldness is down to genetics while hair loss is often caused for a number of reasons.

Should you be losing your hair out of the blue, it could be alopecia, a condition that affects a person to lose chunks of their hair from various parts of the body. In more severe cases, they could even lose all of their hair.

While thought to be hereditary, alopecia also has autoimmune elements where the body unknowingly attacks itself. No, this condition isn’t the same as male pattern baldness.

But if your hair loss happens in a more pronounced fashion, from the crown of the head to the temples, then there’s a high likelihood that you have male pattern baldness. Don’t worry, there’s nothing to be worried or worked out about.

Will I Lose My Hair Really Quickly?

A condition that mostly afflicts males in their twenties, male hair loss normally takes around 15 to 25 years before it takes its full effect.

In some extreme cases, there are men who go completely bald in less than five years. It’s really difficult to pinpoint how long this process will take.

Why Is My Hair Falling Out So Drastically? Is It Down To Genetics?

Down with male pattern baldness? It could be your body being more prone to androgens, male sex hormones that cause hair loss. The severity in which your scalp is damaged is hereditary.

Hair loss can also be caused by surgical treatments or illnesses, stress, fluctuations in hormonal balances and infections from the scalp. Don’t fret, for in many scenarios, hair loss is not indefinite.

Can Baldness Be Caused By Sexual Frustration Or Emotional Stress?

Yes, while hair loss correlates with stress, male pattern baldness is a hereditary condition that’s common among men. Should you find your hair falling out in chunks, or at impromptu moments, it could be caused by something else. The culprit? Stress induced or the less likely reason, a lack of sexual activity. Your best bet would be to go see a GP for a check up.

Are There Any Side Effects To Getting My Hair Loss Treated?

Finasteride: While prominent side effects are rare, some meds have been known to cause reduced libido, rash breakouts, breast or nipple soreness, or even erectile complications.
Minoxidil Lotion: The more common side effects include skin and scalp irritation. But in more severe cases, your hair colour and texture can even be affected.