Health is wealth as the saying goes. People living in the present day are fortunate because of the advances in technology and medical research. With the help of modern technology, you can obtain tests to diagnose symptoms of illness or diseases at an early stage and receive immediate treatment.


Colonoscopy screening is one such test that allows your doctor to analyze your colon. The colon or large intestine is found in the human body and is an integral part of the digestive system which is composed of a group of organs. These organs allow you to eat and use your food intake to fuel your body.


During the screening process, the doctor uses a thin, flexible tube called an endoscope which is inserted into the anus. Attached to the endoscope is a miniature video camera with light at the end. It can take pictures or video of your colon or large intestine. The digital cables release video signals and transmit them to a TV screen. With this kind of testing, doctors can see a full view of your colon.


Seven reasons for you to think about getting a colonoscopy now

The purpose of a colonoscopy is to look for signs and symptoms of colon cancer. It is also used to check for other pre-cancerous growths like tumors, cysts, or lumps in the colon or rectum.


  1. Colonoscopy is an accurate testing process to diagnose sickness or illness in the early stages.
  2. The symptoms that are found may be reversible. Other findings may be treatable.
  3. With the accurate results, you can make firm decisions on the next course of action
  4. Treatments can be effected, or surgeries can be performed immediately.
  5. You can be empowered to prepare for any eventuality be it in the financial, legal or long-term health care planning.
  6. You can make lifestyle changes and prioritize important things over trivial matters moving forward.
  7. Your family members can benefit from your experience and take the necessary precautions in the preservation of health.


Doctors suggest that people by age 50 or over should get a colonoscopy screening once every ten years where the risk of cancer and other serious illness is higher. Leave nothing to chance. Your family needs you to be healthy and wise.