We all know what it’s like, you live in a hot and humid country and you end up with a still beautiful but melted face full of makeup. There are products out there ladies that can help you like Banila Co primer for example that can keep that humidity at bay and keep your skin looking like glass. Asian women have a smooth fair complexion that is enhanced by makeup if used correctly and you never need much. Primer is your best friend when it comes to the damage that the humidity can do to your skin.

How to use primer correctly

If you look at your face like a canvas that is ready to be painted you’ll understand the concept perfectly. The primer can and should be used to essentially “prime” the face to hold the makeup you’ll put over it. Some; however, will use primer alone just to cover blemishes and pigment discolorations and unevenness. If this is what you intend to do then a nude colour primer will be most effective and look cleaner. You don’t want to look washed out. Etudes House Korea , for example carries a nice one.

Primer can and should be used on the eyes as well as lips if makeup will be applied on the top of it. It’s there to hold it in place and to make the makeup apply smoother to the area. If no primer is used, several things can happen. First, the eye powder will wear off quicker as well as crease more when the humidity hits it. This is not a very attractive look. You’ll want a quality primer on their first so that you can trust it without having to look in the mirror all day.

Applying the Primer and Makeup for Eyes and Face

First, choose the primer that is either closes to your own skin colour or nude. For Asian woman, you have great complexions and the colour should be a nude or one that has a more golden yellow undertone.

Apply with a makeup wedge which is a foam wedge that is sold in most discount shops or pharmacies with a makeup and toiletry section. If it is a cream primer. Use the least amount possible. Under a quarter inch drop will be best. Make sure you face is clean and fee of old makeup, oil and dirt. A facial scrub and moisturizer is recommended. One the face is dry, apply the first layer to the eyes and face. Let dry a moment and then re-apply as needed for smooth coverage.

Then apply makeup as usual. On the eyes you may want to apply powder first unless you are using a cream eye shadow, then apply directly to primer. Do the same for blush on cheeks. Place only one coat of primer on lips. If you are only using gloss or are using a lip-stain then don’t bother with the primer on the lips and enjoy!