An oily complexion can be a frustrating beauty problem to deal with, although it is quite common during the teenage years and early 20s. You know you have oily skin when your face picks up a shine during the day. Even makeup primer, foundation, powder and blotting paper cannot always hold back the oiliness. Pores begin to look larger, break-outs can erupt more easily, and cosmetics seem to slide or melt off your face within a few hours.

Don’t despair, because there are skin care products designed specifically for your complexion. These unique formulations are ideal in holding back the shine without stripping the skin and making it too dry. The correct products add just a hint of moisture to keep everything in balance.

face-water-cleanse1Start Daily Routine With the Right Cleanser
Look for products that will exfoliate and dissolve surface impurities like a cleanser containing salicylic, lactic or glycolic acids. These powerful ingredients get rid of old, dry skin cell build-up and return a healthy soft radiance to your complexion. Buy Estee Lauder in Singapore for their excellent facial cleansers, because they contain high-performing ingredients that remove makeup and pollution and also control excess oil with botanicals and minerals that deliver.

Aloe Vera: Nature’s Best Complexion Balancer
Aloe vera is another superb way to put a stop to excessive shine, return the pH balance to your complexion, eliminate break-outs and protect your skin. It is one of the best, natural ingredients around the globe that is perfect for all skin types. Aloe vera contains anti-bacterial properties, which means it can effectively keep pimples away. Plus, it reduces sebum production, so excess oil is not a problem, and it feels cool and soothing to the complexion. The best method is to apply the aloe vera after washing your face.


Aloe Vera Gel, Especially Ideal for Oily Faces
The gel form will perform like a dream for a shiny complexion, and a little goes a long way. 
Nature Republic Aloe Vera is a wonderful choice, because it’s affordable, and you’re getting a sizable tub of it. Just dab it on the face and massage it in. Don’t wash it off, as aloe vera acts like a primer by smoothing the face and providing an oil-free layer, so you can add foundation or BB cream on top of it for a flawless finish. 

Oily Complexions Need High Performers With Gentle Touch
Too often, we over-scrub our faces and necks when trying to deal with a super shiny complexion. We think that using a heavy hand often, will get rid of the oil if we keep attacking it. The skin care experts advise trying a gentle approach and stop obsessing. Wash the face and neck once in the morning and again at night before heading to sleep.

Don’t let an oily face ruin your self-esteem. Look for proper skin care products that control shine, exfoliate dead skin cells and add soft, smooth radiance to your complexion.