Reaching the age of 30 without getting any kind of skin damage is indeed a big accomplishment for most people. However, if you are in your 30s yet you’re dealing with acne scars, this really spells big trouble for you. The usual age group that deals with acne and other related skin problems are those who are 13 to 20 years old. After 20’s, skin starts to stabilize and age normally. But if you are getting acne even after the age of 30, there are few factors that you need to understand before undergoing acne scar treatment.


What You Need to Know About Acne

Acne problem is not just for teens. According to dermatologists, genetics and hormones play major roles with the appearance of acne in your skin. If your family members have pimples at the age of 30, your chances of getting it too are very high. Hormonal changes in your body before and during menstruation are also indicator of acne breakout. Some pregnant women can also get pimples due to hormonal changes in their body. Finally, your current stress levels can likewise have a direct effect in your current condition.

Medications similarly play a big role in adult acne. Some medications such as anti-seizure drugs, lithium, and corticosteroids can give you acne scars as their side effect.


How to Treat Acne

There are different things you can do to stop acne from ruining your self-confidence. You can either visit a dermatologist or treat your pimples at the convenience of your own home. Here are some money-saving tips that you can use as your own acne scar treatment:

  • Change your diet. Avoiding dairy consumption can help you regulate your hormones. If you like greasy and fried foods, it is best if you lessen or completely avoid it.
  • Reduce stress. If you are stressed in your workplace, take time to relax. A change of scenery might give you time to recuperate.
  • Use only water-based facial cleansers. Oily facial wash can only aggravate the sebum production in your sebaceous glands. Instead of using this, try using water-based cleansers or soap to wash your face.
  • Minimize your use of makeup. Makeup usage can clog the pores in the skin. If there is absolutely no reason for you to wear makeup, don’t do it to allow your skin to breathe.


Acne at the age of 30 is very manageable as long as you know what to do to minimize or eliminate it. If however, your acne problems continue to persist, it is time for you to seek a professional’s help. This way, they can give you personalized techniques and instructions on how to deal with your skin problems.