Dealing with unwanted hair can be a real hassle for men and women in Singapore today. Conventional methods of removing hair such as waxing or shaving have problems. Fortunately, technology provides a solution through intense pulsed light, or IPL, treatments. Here is how IPL treatments are different from other hair removal techniques in use right now.

Remove Hair from Anywhere 
Certain types of treatments in Singapore today are designed for only specific places on the body. This means the treatment might only be able to remove hair from an area like the face or legs. That can leave you in an inconvenient situation where you have to get various treatments to achieve the results you want. IPL hair removal is different because it can work anywhere on your body. A single IPL session can get rid of hair in many different places all at once.

Minimal Chance of Side Effects
Another factor to consider is that some hair removal treatments in Singapore have the chance to cause side effects. Some chemical treatments could lead to skin irritation or burning. Other types of older lasers have the potential to cause burning as well. IPL treatments can remove hair with almost no chance of any side effects. You do not have to worry about the light damaging your skin or causing other problems when the treatments are given by a trained professional in a clinic.


Fast Recovery 
The amount of time it takes to recover from certain hair removal treatments can really be a problem for some people. You might have to do certain things like protect your skin, stay indoors or apply special medications for weeks after a more intense treatment in Singapore. IPL treatments have fast recovery times. You can return immediately to your normal life with few or no changes. This makes getting unwanted hair removed incredibly convenient since you do not have to change your daily routine afterwards.

Long-Lasting Results 
Using regular shaving to remove hair in Singapore is not very effective. You will have to shave every day or every few days to keep your skin smooth and free from hair. Even chemical treatments and waxing have to be done repeatedly to maintain the results. If you get IPL hair removal done in Singapore, then you can expect long-lasting results. You might need only one or two treatments every few months to a year. Certain people can experience permanent hair removal with IPL treatments.


Short Sessions 
A few hair removal techniques you can do at home take a long time. You might have to set aside an entire evening just dedicated to hair removal. A major difference with IPL treatments in Singapore is that the sessions can be very short. You might be able to get all the unwanted hair removed in just 15 to 25 minutes. That means you can go through an IPL procedure during a lunch break and then return right to work without any problems.

There is no reason to live with unwanted hair. You do not need to go through long and painful treatments just to have smooth skin. IPL treatments offer a very convenient and effective solution that you can take advantage of in a professional clinic today.