The average person has between 100 and 150 thousand strands of hair on their head. These strands of hair grow about six inches in a year, and people lose roughly 100 hairs a day. Each strand is composed of a protein, called keratin. As new keratin is produced, the dead keratin cells are pushed out of hair follicles.


Each strand will reach a maximum length before it falls out. This depends on genetics. However, some people experience a hair fall problem at an expedient rate. When this occurs, hair thins out.

There are many reasons people will start to experience a huge amount of hair loss. For instance, some people develop alopecia. This can happen with aging, and it can occur from other factors. Alopecia areata is a temporary loss of hair. Acne, cellulitis and folliculitis can cause permanent hair loss as a result of scars. Hormones drugs, stress, genes, autoimmune diseases, medical conditions, cosmetic procedures, diet and burns can cause hair loss. However, there are some ways to lessen the effect of hair loss.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is a cure-all. As to how it benefits hair, it is moisturizing, it promotes follicular stimulation and it helps to rid of dandruff and bacterial and fungal infections. Castor oil is incredibly thick, and it does not thin out as it heats up. This means that it stays in place. The Ricinoleic acid that is found in castor oil kills bacterial and fungal infections that can cause hair loss. Also, when it is used in a massaging way, hair follicles receive a greater amount of blood flow and create quicker hair growth. It can reverse individual thinning hair strands so that the hair does not fall out. When castor oil conditions the scalp, less sebum is needed to do so, and it clears up dandruff. This means that hair follicles stay clear of build-up and further promote healthy hair growth. Castor oil also promotes stronger hair, which means it is less likely to fall out over time.


A balanced diet is necessary to provide hair with all of the necessary nutrients in order to grow, be healthy and not fall out. Hair needs a variety of minerals, vitamins, protein and other nutrients for it to be healthy. Diets that are restrictive in calories and protein may cause hair loss. Hair is mostly made up of protein. If the body doesn’t have this vital element, it cannot grow hair. Hair also needs iron, selenium, magnesium, copper, vitamin B, vitamin D and vitamin E. However, virtually any vitamin deficiency can cause hair loss.


Stress is responsible for approximately 80 percent of the diseases people have. Stress is also a reason people lose hair—apart from pulling it out. Stress causes hair to enter its resting phase. This means that the hair ceases to grow. One day while brushing or washing hair, it falls out. Alopecia areata can also occur from severe stress. This will occur because the immune system is attacking the body’s hair follicles. Relaxation is the best way to get rid of stress. Visit a spa, or do some yoga.

Women who desire hair growth in Singapore can follow these tips and explore others. Hair loss doesn’t have to be permanent. Get healthy and relax.