Hair is the women’s crowning glory. In Singapore, a lot of women are investing on various treatments or products that will guarantee them a healthier and prettier look. But because there has been a huge demand in such industry, these consumers are challenged on identifying the best hair treatment in Singapore.

So to put an end to that consumer’s burden on buying some hair products, here is a quick tip for every hair type:

Portrait of young attractive woman

Portrait of young attractive woman

  1. Straight and Thin

If your hair is flat that the ends drop down smoothly, then what you need now is a hair treatment that can add weight to it. Hairs look livelier when they have more volume. Use a shampoo or conditioner that could make it thick.

For some styling tips, spray your hair with a heat protector treatment starting from the middle down to the end. Also, because your hair appears slippery, you might want to add a little bulk or texture to your fine hair by using a dry shampoo.


  1. Straight and Thick

You are one lucky girl because this type allows you to style your hair in any way possible! However, expect that the styling process would take long because you were literally born with lots of hair.

For a quick styling hack, put your preferred styling oil on each section after wetting your hair. Apply some styling cream. You could also try to spray a product that could enhance the shine of your hair. Start from the midlength then down to the tips.


  1. Coiled and Kinky

Choosing the right hair treatment is quite tricky, especially when you have tight curls. This type requires a more intensive approach.

During a shower, apply a deep conditioner to your hair. Remember, don’t rinse it fully as it might lose the expected results. This conditioner type will keep your curls shiny and beautiful. Comb your hair with a leave-in conditioner after the shower.

For a styling idea, when your hair is about to dry, twist and release a large section of your curls and apply some silicone serum or natural styling oil on it. As a general rule, always choose creams than sprays for a kinky hair.


  1. Wavy

Though this type is in need of a frizz control, it does not mean you need to pour all the possible products that you know to keep it frizz-free! Knowing the best hair treatment in Singapore needs a lot of research. Most products contain Silicone as the main ingredient that gives hair the glow that you want. However, hair experts still recommend lighter styling treatments with natural oils instead. Your waves will surely appear smooth and beautiful naturally.

To reach your hair’s fullest beauty, choose salt sprays over gels and creams; they make your hair smoother. Another suggestion would be the use of styling oils when your hair appears dry; they make your waves glow and shiny under the sun.


  1. Curly Dryness and frizz are your main enemies when you have this type of hair. To prepare for battle, choose sulfate-free shampoos and moisturizing conditioners. They’ll save your hair from the heat.

Making your curly hair flat requires a lot of effort–and water.  Choose water-based conditioners to achieve this; it would give your hair an adequate hydration to make it straight.

In conclusion, avoid buying any hair treatment that you like without knowing if it’s best for your hair. Choose not only the best and think if it’s also the right one. Take care of your hair like how you take care of your entire body!