Are you unhappy with your twin girls? You’re not alone. Many women have confessed their dissatisfaction over their less-than-desirable bust sizes, with many keen to explore bust enhancement treatment further.

How would you know if you might need a product or a service, or the more drastic procedure: a bust augmentation surgery? While it’s easy to find products or services that claim to make your bust fuller and more appealing, it’s also challenging when you’re spoilt for choice.

Meanwhile, a bust surgery tends to be costly (and comes with other risks). For your first attempt, we suggest you try something far less drastic than a surgery: either you consume or use a bust enhancement product, or enrol in a bust enhancement programme which is mostly run by beauty centres (and some slimming centres).

In general, popular bust enhancement products come in two forms: pills/capsules (for consumption) and gel/cream (to be applied directly to the bust area). None is more expensive or cheaper than the other, as it all depends on the brand and formulation. Read these tips for a fuller bust:


Getting the right bust enhancement products (pills/capsules):

Before you purchase bust enhancement pills/capsules, make sure that you discuss it with a healthcare provider, or let him or her know about your plan on getting a specific product by telling him or her about the ingredients list of said pills/capsules. Only purchase the pills/capsules from major pharmacies or other legit sellers since they have already been approved by the Health Ministry. As a rule of thumb, your pills/capsules should always be clinically proven.

Getting the right bust enhancement products (gel/cream):

When it comes to gel/cream products that enhance your bust, the good ones should be able to be absorbed into your bloodstream to make it effective. In choosing the right one, the bust enhancement gel/cream should safely penetrate your skin without giving you a burning or painful sensation.

Try Clarins’ Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel which is suitable for those with oily, combination, dry and normal skin. The gel is non-oily and is formulated with plant extracts and oat sugar.

You can also try Volume Up’s Bust Enhancement Gel which is applicable to all skin types. The gel is formulated with olive oil, soybean seed extracts, rose hips oil, pomegranate flower extract, and others.

Applying the gel/cream:

For proper application to achieve maximum results, apply the gel/cream by stroking the nipples with it first. Then knead your breast and cup them gently, first by rotating clockwise and then counter clockwise. After a few times, compress your breasts inwardly and gently.

Other alternatives:

The other less well-known alternatives to pills/capsules or gel/cream products are aromatic candles, essences, hypnotic audiotapes (which are very rare to find and mostly deal with your psychological issues), and silicone-filled bras.


Bust surgery:

If you’d rather get a treatment at a bust enhancement centre, there is a bust treatment in Singapore that deals with all the hard work while you focus on getting treatments for a fuller bust, called The Tokyo Bust Express. The bust treatment centre offers three kinds of services: bust enhancement, bust lifting, and bust contouring.

All in all, remember to check the product manufacturer’s or service provider’s reputation and client feedback, which can be easily found online (or by word of mouth). Do your research before you finalise your decision, taking into account your budget, personal preferences and others.