Freckles are small darker pigmented dots of skin that commonly occur in people with light skin tones. They are caused by exposure to the sun, particularly to UV-B rays, which then in turn cause damage to normal cells. When the melanocytes under the skin are compromised, they malfunction and thus create small dots we see as freckles. For some, freckles can be frustrating and the constant effort to hide them can be tiring and tedious.

If you want clear, even-toned skin all over, try these effective methods to have freckles pigmentation successfully removed.treatment-1024x617

  1. Laser Spot Removal – Lasers are commonly used in a lot of skin treatments in aesthetics clinics because they’re highly effective and minimally invasive. To remove freckles with laser treatments, dermatologists use high-tech laser lights that target their beams into the third layer of the skin where freckles’ pigments lie. Depending on the amount of excess melanin, outcomes may vary. Some clients may need to return for repeat sessions to completely remove freckles.chemical2
  2. Chemical Peels – For those who want to approach the issue with a less complicated technique, chemical peels prove to be the option of choice. Dermatologists prescribe powerful TCA-trichlor vinegar acid treatments which react with freckles and remove them from the skin. The product is generously slathered over the problem areas, left for several minutes to an hour, and then washed off to reveal uniform skin tone that can last even after re-exposure to harsh sunlight.3999135_orig
  3. Radio Wave Abrasion – From the name of the procedure itself, it can be assumed that this particular method is the most aggressive. Abrasive radio waves delivered through a CO2 laser are used to permanently damage the pigments to prevent the freckles from resurfacing in the future. The melanin is thus suppressed and skin in treated areas are unlikely to darken no matter how much sun exposure the client experiences. After the procedure, clients are required to undergo 7 days of bed rest to properly accommodate the healing of the skin. Redness can occur, and may last up to 3 months depending on the condition of the individual’s skin.

Why try to hide your freckles when you can have them removed? Instead of blotting them out with makeup, give these dermatologist-proven techniques a try to reveal a radiant, even-toned, and flawless skin from all angles.