“New year, new me!” Have you ever asked yourself how many times did you promise this mantra? And at the end of each year, have you tried to evaluate yourself whether or not you fulfilled any of these pinky promises? If you think you haven’t, then it’s time to reflect and go back to the things that necessitate self-change. As Singaporeans, like everybody else in this fast-paced world we’re living in, it’s sometimes hard to take a few moments to contemplate on things we’ve done and the person we want to become. So, here are five New Year resolutions you could do to help make you love yourself better than a year ago:

  1. Don’t Stop Learning – As you know, learning is an ongoing process; it never ceases unless you allow yourself not to learn anymore. Every year is an opportunity for you to learn what you love. You can head on to a particular skills class wherein you can practice your ultimate childhood dream; it could be a cooking, ballet, theater arts, or an instrument-playing class. There are many of these classes in Singapore, pick the right one for you based on the criteria you set for yourself. No one’s too old, and it’s never too late to learn.dont-stop-learning-and-stay-healthy-with-slimming-centre-in-sg
  2. Travel Near, Travel Far – The world is a book, and you’ll be missing a great plot if you just stayed within a chapter of it. Whether it’s a ten or a thousand-kilometer away from your home, traveling allows you to reflect and search for your inner self. Create a bucket list, and make a commitment and effort to check destinations off. Traveling allows you to be lost and at the same time be found. Besides, it’s easy to go anywhere from Singapore, due to the great connectivity access that the country offers.travel-near-or-far-to-find-the-best-slimming-center
  3. Practice a Healthy Daily Routine – Improving oneself comes initially in caring for your body. Who doesn’t want to be healthy and fit? Several fitness centers and diet guide books are all around the corner just to help you achieve those fitness goals. If you want to trim down unwanted fat, you can take advantage of the services of the best slimming center in Singapore. This coming year, it’s more important to maintain the level of discipline and motivation that fuel you to keep going.have-a-healthy-daily-routine-with-slimming-center-in-sg
  4. Spend More Time With Your Loved Ones – Nowadays, everything and everyone seems to be fast forward and busy. You have been running with your own obligations and duties to fulfill within a certain deadline. However, as career heightens to its success level, the quality time spent with your family and friends tend to drop simultaneously. This year, why don’t you evaluate the way how you balance your schedule? Remember, too much work is unhealthy. Don’t be too hard on yourself.spend-times-with-your-love-one-and-with-slimming-center-in-sg
  5. Don’t Let Your Piggy Bank Cry – As much as possible, you want to achieve the best things in life. And realistically speaking, money is sometimes involved in getting what you want. But, this year, stop from being little mister or miss one-time billionaire. Be smart and practical. Learn how to save.

Above all else,  this coming 2017, you must learn to love yourself more. By doing so, you will definitely be another year better. Do what makes you happy because life is too short to regret the things you should have done.