In a progressive country like Singapore, there are several factors which can create eye problems. People are exposed to the sun all year round. Sun rays or UV light can put eyes at risk. For the active and outgoing individuals especially, overexposure to intense sunlight can lead to serious eye problems.

Another serious factor is the extensive use of digital devices. The young professionals, as well as teenagers in Singapore, are known to be tech-savvy, but they might not be aware of the Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). This condition arises from long hours of looking at digital screens of computers, smartphones, and other mobile devices. It also results from prolonged periods of playing video games. In both instances, the eyes are forced to work harder. CVS symptoms like eye fatigue, blurred or double vision and loss of focus will soon manifest. CVS is becoming a reality, and the dangers to the eyes may be far-reaching.

For people who are concerned about their eyesight but feel there is no sense of urgency, an eye test at home can be performed. The home test can serve as a level of comfort before deciding on having a medical eye check-up in Singapore.


A person can perform a DIY eye vision test by following these simple steps:

  1. A standard eye chart can be posted on the wall.
  2. The person then places a chair in front of the eye chart at a distance of 10 feet away from the wall.
  3. He has to make sure his eyes are leveled with the eye chart.
  4. He can begin the test by covering one eye and have an assistant focus a flashlight directly to the chart, line by line.
  5. He then reads the letters as the light pass through each line.
  6. The step begins from the top row with big letters and continues going down to the bottom line until the letters are no longer visible to him or difficult to read.
  7. He then notes down the number of the last line where he correctly read majority, if not all, of the letters.
  8. The steps are then repeated with the other eye.
  9. He then records the result by filling in the number of the lowest line reached.
  10. The test taker should be able to read the letters on the 20/20 line. Otherwise, he should think about seeing an eye care professional.

It’s always sunny in Singapore, so people need to be extra careful with sun exposure. But with CVS on the rise, the time spent on the use of digital devices should be reduced to prevent eyesight complications. When people start complaining about the symptoms, then there’s more than meets the eye.