As we age, the different parts of our bodies age along with us. Among the most noticeable changes is the way hair loses its youthful luster. Dry, frizzy, dead-looking hair is any woman’s dreaded nightmare, but there are ways to bring back that voluminous, shiny, and smooth appearance. Find out how to bring life back into aging hair or how to maintain hair health well into your later years by following these anti-aging hair care tips.vitamins-supplements

  1. Vitamins and Supplements – The changes that happen in our hair as we age are just as much a cause of internal factors as they are of external. Depleting levels of micronutrients in our bodies can cause hair to look dull and weak against damage. This in turn makes it easier to lose hair due to breakage. Taking in supplements for hair loss will make it possible to bring micronutrient levels to normal, nourishing hair from within and strengthening it against breakage.hairtreat22. Less Treatment – It’s common for women experiencing hair aging problems to avail of a handful of salon treatments to make hair look healthier. But the positive changes brought about by these treatments are only superficial, causing more harm than good in terms of hair health. Cut back on salon treatments, but if you must, opt for an organic alternative instead.img_2360 3. Hydrating Products – The hair and scalp lose moisture as we age because the glands that release oil become less efficient at doing their job. Using hydrating products to soothe dry scalp areas and hair will help reduce flaking and weakness.short-hair-cuts-bob-for-women 4.  Short Styles – Longer hair styles can be harder to manage and can look much more damaged with time. Opt for a shorter hair style to make maintenance easier and go for a cut that frames your face to reduce the appearance of angular face shape changes caused  by aging.55001db733cc6-hair-wash-schedule-xln 5. Washing Schedule – Washing hair frequently can bring sebum levels to bare minimum. Try washing hair on an alternating schedule, using only conditioner on days that don’t require shampoo.half-up-do-tutorial 6. Simple Dos – Complicated hair dos that put a lot of tension on the roots and shafts of hair can cause more breakage and can compromise the integrity of the root. Let hair down as often as possible to avoid placing too much tension.A harvest of season vegetables in a wicker basket 7. Everything Organic – Organic formulations are much easier on hair and reduce damage caused by chemical ingredients. Always opt for organic when shopping for hair care products and perform a few DIY hair care treatments at home using only natural ingredients. This will give hair a well-deserved pick me up to combat the signs of hair aging.

Aging hair can be problematic, but there are things you can do to stop those signs from developing all together. Remember these 7 hair care tips to help battle aging hair problems and keep your crowning glory looking vibrant and lustrous throughout the years.