In Asia, skin care and beauty treatment reign supreme. According to the statistics from Euromonitor International, the industry’s collective sales will go beyond US$150 billion by 2017. Beauty and skin care in Asia are all about good skin and people spend a lot of money in both products and treatments. This trend is quite evident in the number of skincare treatments and medical aesthetics in Singapore and Malaysia.

It’s never too early or too late to start your beauty journey. This New Year, break out into a brand new you and check out these 3 beauty treatments that are really worth saving for.


  1. Laser Skin Regeneration Fractional resurfacing technology is one of the latest addition to the skincare technology that helps people get rid of the visible flaws on their skin such as scars, wrinkles and age spots. The technology makes use of thousands of laser beams that address both the outer and deeper layers of the skin. After a few sessions, you will definitely see the dramatic changes in your skin’s texture, tone, and elasticity. While is it most advisable to older patients who want to get rid of highly visible age spots and wrinkles, younger patients who have acne scars can also avail of this skincare process.wrinkle
  2. Botox This cosmetic procedure has been around for quite some time, especially in the Western part of the world and Asia is slowly catching. In Malaysia, for instance, research has shown that more and more locals are seeing the benefits of cosmetic procedures aimed at maintaining a youthful and attractive appearance, especially Botox. In fact, in the past decade, the number of Malaysians going for cosmetic treatments has surged by at least seven-fold.

The fact that Botox is a non-surgical treatment makes people more confident when trying out this medical aesthetic procedure. It is great for people who want to get rid of wrinkles and address sagging skin, particularly in the eye and lip areas. But Botox isn’t just for the face. It can also be used to contour calves.


  1. KAVITA Ultra Cavitation A lot of people want to lose weight but not everyone has the time or willpower to go to the gym or stick to a diet. This is where non-surgical weight loss procedure helps people get slimmer without going under the knife. KAVITA Ultra Cavitation is one of the latest slimming technology that doesn’t involve surgical procedures when removing fatty deposits from targeted areas. It is also highly comfortable compared to its surgical counterparts and requires less recovery time. Apart from weight loss, KAVITA Ultra Cavitation can also be used to reshape and contour the body as well as tighten and rejuvenate the skin.

Make This Year Your Most Beautiful  Maintaining one’s youthful-looking skin goes beyond good skincare habits. It’s all about looking and feeling good at the same time, with the help of good medical aesthetics that can correct flaws and keep the fine lines and wrinkles away for a long time. This is why many people attest to how Asians seem to age more gracefully than their counterparts from other parts of the world. Asians take beauty and skincare to heart. And it’s about time you do.