If you already tried to slim down after resisting buffets, carbs, and fats yet you didn’t end up with the result you desired, then you must know how to keep those loose fats off. It’s quite frustrating how you wanted to have a better physique yet that saggy skin distorts that perfect body goal. In Singapore, there are a lot of fitness centers that offer slimming and at the same time body maintenance programs to achieve that summer body. So if you just finished working out, here are seven tips on how to keep those unwanted skin and fat away.

  1. Stop Smoking If you are a smoker who finds it hard to quit, then here is a sufficient reason for you to–cigarette smoking is dangerous to your skin. According to International Association of Ecologic Dermatology, people who smoke are more likely to have problems in skin pigmentation, elasticity, and texture. The participants were asked to quit smoking for 9 months; results showed that the participants’ biological age of skin went down to 13 years younger. Say no to cigarette smoking if you want to make your skin glowing.
  2. Don’t Exhaust You already reduced a significant amount of weight, thus that is already enough. Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you might find a loose skin that doesn’t match your physique, calm down because there are ways to get rid of them.Don't be too hard on yourself and get exhausted even you want to lose weight faster
  3. Stay Hydrated Water is vital to maintaining skin elasticity. Dryness can make your skin sag and loose. Therefore, it is advisable to drink at least two liters of water every day.
  4. Eat More Protein The more protein you consume (up to a reasonable level), the healthier your skin would be! Studies show that when you eat more proteins, dryness and wrinkles and other unwanted marks will be prevented or reduced.Consume protein up to a reasonable level to lose weight faster and your skin would be healthy
  5. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables Vitamins and minerals are essential to keep your body working optimally. Fruits and vegetables almost contain all the nutrients that your body needs. From head to toe, they can incredibly make any part of your body healthy! Therefore, the more fruits and vegetables you consume, the more vibrant your skin would be.
  6. Take Care of your Skin Love your skin. Exfoliation can increase the circulation of your skin and at the same time remove unwanted dead skin cells. You can improve your skin’s tone by having a hot bath with salt. Vitamins C and E, aloe vera, and soy are some of the important herbal treatments that can increase collagen production and improve the elasticity of the skin.Exfoliation can increase the circulation of your skin and lose weight faster to get healthy body
  7. Know When to Go to Surgery The option for surgery depends on two things: the elasticity of the skin and the length of time you had been on heavy pounds before you slimmed down. The older you are, the lesser elastic your skin is. Also, the longer time you have been on a huge body, the more loose skin that needs to be intervened. Consult your doctor when is the right time to undergo plastic surgery, ask the risks and benefits, and how safe it would be.

Even with the fastest way to lose weight, you still need to put in mind the after care that you must do to maintain a perfectly fit body. Take care of your skin. Though loose skins might hinder you on your way to your body goal, they are representations of your passionate work to lose weight. If you were able to remove unwanted fats, then you are certain that you can eliminate inelastic saggy skin.