Every Singaporean woman dreams of having the perfect skin and a bikini-ready body, regardless of her age. Fortunately, it’s possible to have both in a short time without doing anything too extreme, like crash dieting. These seven simple and effective ways will help you get the perfect skin and bikini-ready body you want:

  1. Have a skincare routine. You should have a proper skincare routine at nighttime which includes facial cleansing, toning, exfoliating, applying topical treatments like acne cream, applying night cream, and applying eye cream. During daytime, always apply sunscreen or day cream that’s suitable for your skin type.

Woman applying moisturiser

  1. Apply anti-aging serum. If you’re over 30, it’s highly recommended that you use anti-aging serum to maintain that youthful skin and to reduce aging signs like lines, wrinkles, and age spots.
  1. Eat superfoods for glowing skin. For glowing, spotless skin, eat superfoods like bone broth, turmeric, lemon, blueberries, salmon, avocados, tomatoes, chia seeds, sweet potatoes, or sardines.


  1. Do a 20-minute Pilates workout. A 20-minute Pilates workout on a daily basis will help you lose weight fast and get a glowing, clearer skin. A rigorous Pilates workout help with blood circulation which makes the skin appear healthier and more radiant, on top of helping you to lose weight in four week’s time.
  1. Try juice or soup cleansing. Juice or soup cleansing works wonders in losing weight fast and getting that perfect skin and bikini-ready body you want in a week or two. The trick is to avoid any consumption of sugar at all cost, relying solely on pure fruits and vegetables. You can either try hot or cold juice or soup for your cleansing.


  1. Do yoga for weight loss. Yoga has various benefits, and different yoga serves different purposes with different benefits. For a fit, toned body and to lose weight fast, try yoga poses such as rajakapotasana, garudasana, , virabhadrasana, anjaneyasana, and malasana. Do any or a combination of these poses on a daily basis.
  1. Book a skin or body treatment. If you’ve got some money to spend, book a good skin or body treatment at a reputable medical aesthetics in Singapore. Such treatment can be a long-term investment. Get a free consultation and discuss the available options or solutions for your skin and body goals.

You can do a combination of the things mentioned at a time for faster results. However, before starting any skin and body treatment, always consider your health and skin condition with a doctor. Look for other alternatives if your preferred treatment is not suitable for you.