When you feel that you’re always tired, lethargic and unenthusiastic all the time, your body could be telling you that something is wrong. Inadequate sleep, lack of rest and other bad habits all adds up and makes your system toxic. You need to stop and do something before it shut downs completely.

Here’s how to detox your body naturally:1

  1. Quit Smoking and Drinking

Excessive smoking and alcohol intake are two of the things that make your body toxic. Apart from wreaking havoc on your lungs and kidneys, this combination also affects your ability to think clearly and make sound decisions. Most of the time, people would drink and smoke rather than eat a decent meal. If you’re one them – stop. You’re taking off years from your life by doing this.2

  1. Lay Low on Coffee and Energy Drinks

Coffee and energy drinks keep you awake and energetic. It helps you beat deadlines and have the strength to go to the gym after a busy and long day at work. But with the high comes a crash, and this is what happens after the effects of caffeine wear off. To detoxify your system, lay low on drinks with caffeine and sugar. You can have your coffee in the morning, but try not to have it at night so you can sleep soundly.

Collection from many fruits and jusices in glasses on white

  1. Drink Water and Fresh Juices

Drinking eight glasses or more of water will freshen your body up and hydrate you. You’ll also start noticing that your skin is brighter and less dull. Try to add fresh fruit juices and smoothies to your drink options. When dining out, have a fresh fruit shake rather than a beer or cocktail.4

  1. Stay Away from Processed Foods

Processed foods are laden with salt and other chemicals. These preservatives can cause damage to your kidneys and elevate your blood pressure. They also contain a high amount of fat which can cause you to gain weight in the belly area. Rather than consume processed foods, opt for fresh ones. Lean cuts of meat and grilled fish are also tasty and good for you.5

  1. Sleep and Exercise

The body naturally cries out for rest and sleep at the end of the day. When you’re trying to detoxify your system, sleep and exercise always go hand in hand. Exercise allows you to sweat the toxins out and it also releases chemicals in your system that make you feel happy. You can also try Pilates or yoga if you’re not yet ready for intense cardiovascular workouts. Finally, sleep. Sleeping eight hours a day restores the body’s natural rhythm and refreshes you. Think of it as a computer that you need to reboot.

When the body is tired, you’ll not only get sick, you will also be moody and hungry all the time. Chances are you’ll reach for sweets and coffee or a soda. The vicious cycle continues until you end up ill. Don’t wait for that to happen. Follow these natural detox tips in order to take better care of yourself.