Your sister can be one of your most loyal best friends if you know how to maintain a good and healthy relationship with her. Show how much you love and appreciate your sister by taking her out and enjoying these five fun and affordable things you can do together:1

  1. Go to the gym Women often complain to each other about wanting to lose weight, and you and your sister surely did the same thing. This time, take it up a notch and head straight to the local gym! You and your sister can either do cardio or enrol in a fitness class (Zumba, Pilates, or Yoga) or any other fun yet rigorous workout session.2
  2. Go shopping What better way to de-stress than to go shopping and be each other’s personal stylist? A study has shown that women who go shopping together often report feeling a lot happier after a session with their best friends. If you and your sister have different tastes in fashion, you can borrow each other’s clothes when the right time comes!3
  3. Get a massage Unwind and forget about your stressful day job by getting a massage with your sister. Get a couple’s package for better deals, as it often includes sauna, complimentary green tea for detoxing, complimentary health snacks, and other great perks. Pick a type of massage center that you both will love, like Balinese.4
  4. Get a complete makeover Go all out and get a complete head to toe makeover with your sister! Visit a hair salon, get your nails done, and go for a wax session for a new look for 2017. Be adventurous and daring with your new looks. To complete the day, don’t forget to shop for new clothes with your sister by going shopping together.5
  5. Get a facial treatment Want to rejuvenate and have youthful, glowing skin? Get a facial treatment with your sister. Book a facial promotion that caters to group session for better deals and greater perks. You and your sister will definitely come back with better-looking skin at a fraction of the cost.

Find the right time to spend the whole day with your sister, doing either activity or a combination of them in one day! This will be the perfect time to catch up with each other’s life and share interesting news, especially if you live apart and don’t see each other that much. Snap some photos to cherish the memory.