Have you got the blues? Today you wake up in another dimension. You see a diminutive human form sleeping in a crib beside your bed. Yesterday was a milestone in your life when your first-born came. Up until now you have not come to terms that indeed as a new mom, childbirth is a life-changing event. You cannot deny the fact that during your pregnancy, it crossed your mind numerous times about ways to lose belly fat in aftermath. Rest assured, you can get back that whistle-bait figure and be the same sexy woman as before.

New moms need to recover most importantly from the fatigue and back pains. Many would want to lose the excess weight gained throughout pregnancy right after birth, but this is simply not reasonable. In a lot of cases, the mental stress disrupts eating habits that you just let go and let it be. Diligence is required in a weight-loss regimen to get you back in shape. Here are 5 easy and practical ways that can help you to lose weight.

  1. Recover the NutrientsRecover the Nutrients and keep your belly fat low

In the aftermath of childbirth, good nutrition daily is critical during the first 6 months. It is crucial to recover and maintain the essential vitamins whether you are breastfeeding or not. Be aware of your body’s requirements. Stock up on healthy food like fruits and vegetables. For the meantime, foods that have high content of vitamins and minerals should be your daily menu. Green leafy vegetables would be good, as well as whole-grain cereals and bread. For main courses, brown rice and whole wheat pasta are ideal combinations.

  1. Be Active

Yes, you’re exhausted. But your muscles need to be used in order to recover. Be active throughout the day, and avoid sitting down for too long. Bring your baby out for a walk, even if it’s just to go to the park. And when you get the green light from your doctor, you can start low impact exercises. Yoga and pilates are excellent workout forms for new moms, since they also help with lowering the stress level.

  1. Multiple Small Meals A DayTake multiple meals a day to avoid hunger and avoid belly fat

Remember, even if your objective is to lose weight, you shouldn’t starve yourself for the sake of your recovery and your baby’s health. Therefore, you can take multiple meals a day to avoid hunger and binging afterwards. Don’t forget to portion your meals and snacks well. That would be sufficient to perk up your energy to last the day.

  1. Self-Control

Especially if you’re stressed, naturally food cravings will come your way. However, steer away from nutrient-void food. Not only they make you feel worst, your body doesn’t need them to heal. Practice self-control and resist the temptation to pick-up that ice cream or your favorite desserts. Cravings can be satisfied with healthy snacks like fruits, yoghurt with honey, or nuts.

  1. More Fluids and FiberEat more Fluids and Fiber can helps to lose belly fat

Consume plenty of water and load up on fibers to prevent constipation which is a consequence of childbirth. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are good sources of fiber. Don’t forget to drink at least 2 liters of water.

Keep in mind that health is wealth. For new moms, all these nutrients are necessary and more so for lactation (if you breastfeed). Calcium and Vitamin D are necessary to keep the bones strong, protein is required to repair and build tissues,  and iron and folate are important to prevent anemia or beef up deficiency in red blood cells. Don’t be too stressed out about wanting to lose the baby weight rapidly. In fact, stress will only make you gain weight. With proper nutrition and being active throughout the day, soon enough you’ll find your figure back.