As we age, our scalps age as well and start to develop signs of thinning hair. Some of these changes are normal, but most women find it hard dealing with this harsh reality. In this millennial age we’re living, it’s hard to come across a middle-aged woman with gray hair since it’s usually colored. This clearly explains why aging is such a big factor that many women find impossible to deal with.

Below is a list of 4 most common scalp problems that occur due to aging.grey-hair-need-a-protein-hair-treatment-service

  1. Gray hair. Graying hair is among the clearest signs of aging because of the inability of the scalp’s hair follicles to produce enough melanin. Melanin is the pigment responsible for the hair’s vivid color. The cycle starts at the age of 30, from the temples and slowly slides to the top of the scalp. Also worth knowing, approximately 50% of 50-year-olds have gray hair.
  2. Dry scalp. As people age, they are unable to produce enough collagen levels and thus experience a dry scalp. This explains why many women’s hair grows thinner as they grow much older. Moreover, hormone changes experienced during menopause also trigger dry scalp in many women and their hair to become dry and brittle.Dandruff on her dark hair
  3. Scalp sagging. The scalp ages much faster than any other part of the body’s skin. Scalp sagging occurs due to aging factor and lack of good care of the scalp, which leads to loss of effective skin elasticity. The problem may also cause gray hair and weak hair follicles. Formulas containing natural extracts and powerful ingredients can dramatically reverse this issue and give your scalp a healthy glow and shine.
  4. Hair loss. Many people experience thinning of hair and acute baldness due to the effects of age. Men experience extreme hair loss than women because women’s hair follicles are rarely damaged. This means if the problem can carefully be assessed, hair can regrow. Men are in luck too! Depending on the severity of hair loss, a variety of hair loss treatments exist that are effective in stopping further hair loss and promoting hair re-growth.excessive-hair-loss-is-a-symptom-that-time-to-have-protein-hair-treatment-service

The human scalp is the fastest aging skin in the body. In fact, the scalp’s skin ages a whopping 12 times faster than the rest of the body’s skin. That’s why many people as they get old start to experience scalp problems, such as the ones shared in this guide. Fearing that your hair loss problem is growing worse with age? A protein hair treatment service can help grow and restore your hair back to its former glory. Also, ensure you incorporate a healthy diet and exercise into your hair-growth routine to reverse unpleasant scalp changes that occur due to aging.